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May 1, 2009

Freedom and truth…probably the most discussed topics there are.

by caroanna

   Why is some behavior wrong? – Because people will be hurt.

   Who says that? Do you have proof, have you asked these people? Many people talk about freedom as the ultimate goal in life. But what kind of freedom?

   There is no absolute freedom. Everyone acts under certain restrains and preconditions. The difference is that some people notice them and others don’t.  The latter feel free in their choice, and that’s what finally matters: their subjective view. And what one sees as freedom, the other will perceive as restriction. That’s because people are not equal. They don’t think equal and they don’t feel equal.

   So what is the solution to this problem? Take the risk. You never know how many people you will hurt with your behavior but you can be certain that there will be damages. So stop pretending to act perfectly moral by dressing yourself in values that someone has created and others have claimed as true; follow your own goals first.

   Many claim to know the truth about right and wrong, good and bad. That is the purpose of religion. But the fact is that we haven’t found the truth about life yet and it’s questionable if the truth will ever be found. I don’t think this is necessarily negative; at least it keeps people occupied until they die.