About this blog

Confused about some of the posts and want to know what, in general, I’m trying to do here?

First of all, read the description under the title: open your eyes. see the world.

Sounds easy, but some people will never achieve that or never try to. But everyone should. We can’t just live in our own little perfect world, expecting everything to be good. Others will do that for me. Yes, they will, because someone has to. That doesn’t mean you can just ignore what’s going on.

The human being has several basic instincts. Breathing. Drinking. Eating. Procreating. What all have in common: surviving. We all want to live and we all want to be happy.

But some decide they’re gonna achieve that by preventing others to be alive and happy. Some want to leave that part to the next life. Some think they won’t get that anymore and give up. And some don’t think about it at all.

How can you not? Isn’t that what’s most important in life?

Now, I don’t have the answers to all questions here in this one blog. But I have the questions.

I dare you to question everything, to see everything, to think about everything, to live everything.

Do what you want, do it right, do it consciously. And remember, everyone else is entitled to the same thing.

So, open your eyes and see the world. I dare you.


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