About me

Who is this person who’s enlightening your mind here anyway?

That’s just a little background info, in case you were wondering. It doesn’t say all that much about me, but you get the gist. If you have any questions about me or what the hell I’m doing here, send me an e-mail (adress below) or write a comment.
  • born in Cracow, Poland on March 2, 1986
  • grew up in Dueren, Germany
  • graduate student at the University of Kansas ’11 (Journalism/News and Information)
  • student at the University of Bonn ’12 (American Studies, English studies, Law)
  • prospective writer & journalist, reader

I’m a thinking person in progress. Please forgive me if my opinions are not completely developed; they probably, and hopefully, never will. My opinions will change, because I change, and learn. If there are grave inconsistensies or contradictions in my arguments, have pity on me and notify me.

Contact: c.bledowski@gmail.com


One Comment to “About me”

  1. Hallo,
    wie ich sehe, schreibst Du fleißig, ich hab leider nur Zeit für den letzten Artikel(3.Mai) gehabt, ich fand ihn gut.
    Gruß, Marie
    PS: Zu Deinem “About me”: Ich denke, probieren geht über studieren;)…

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